Terms & Conditions

Valid from 15th February 2012

1. (Sending Parcels) will arrange the carriage of the Customer's parcel (the Goods) through the Carrier selected by the Customer; handled through collection from the Customer's premises or through drop-offs at nominated locations.

2. Sending Parcels acts as a forwarding agent for the Customer whose name and address appears on the online booking.

3. Sending Parcels will receive from the Customer the Goods described on the online booking and arrange for their carriage by the selected Carrier.


4.The Goods will not contain any substance that is hazardous or illegal. A list of Dangerous Goods and other excluded items is available within the Prohibited Items section on this website.

5. The Customer must pack appropriately for transport via the Carrier. Neither Sending Parcels nor the Carrier will be liable for any damage to any Goods insufficiently packed. The carriage of insufficiently packed Goods is at the Customer's own risk.


6. Carriage of the Goods is subject to the acceptance of the Goods by the Carrier. If the Carrier does not accept the Goods for carriage, the Goods will be held and Sending Parcels will notify the Customer. Goods will be held for 14 days, after which a storage charge of £5+VAT per day or part thereof may be charged. Goods which remain uncollected after 45 days may be disposed of.

7. For each parcel the Customer shall provide the full postal address, including the postcode or Zip code, and contact telephone number and where appropriate VAT number of both the addressee and the sender. The Customer shall retain any copies of the online booking and where applicable commercial/pro forma invoices as these will be required to support any claim.

8. Sending Parcels or the Carrier may, at their option, or upon the request of the competent authorities, open and inspect any parcel at any time, and shall incur no liability of any kind therefore.

9. The carriage of the Goods will be on the standard terms and conditions of the Carrier. Copies of all Terms and Conditions are available from Sending Parcels upon request.

10. Duty and taxes are controlled by the country of destination and are subject to change without notice. Sending Parcels cannot predetermine the amount of duty and tax for a given parcel. Duty and Taxes as well as other charges including, but not limited to, customs penalties, storage costs, or other expenses incurred as a result of an action by customs or failure by the Customer or the consignee to provide proper documentation or to obtain a required license or permit, will be charged to the consignee. The Customer, however, is liable for payment in the event of non-payment by the consignee. Packages refused by the consignee, or which for any other reason cannot be delivered, will be either abandoned or returned to Customer. In the event of return or abandonment, the Customer is liable for all shipping and other applicable charges.

11. In accordance with applicable regulations in various jurisdictions Sending Parcels and/or the Carrier are required to undertake X-ray screening. The Customer waives any claim for damages as a result of screening.

12. Parcels are delivered to the consignee's address. There is no obligation to deliver a parcel to the consignee personally. The Carrier may deliver to someone other than the person named on the Air Waybill. Parcel addresses must always include the complete address of the consignee along with telephone and/or fax number.

Compensation & Enhanced Cover

13. Sending Parcels is not liable for any acts or omissions by the Carrier, including but not limited to any liabilities, costs, claims, demands or expenses arising from:
i. any loss or damage to the Goods
ii. any delay or failure to deliver or misdelivery of the Goods
In this respect the Customer accepts that any statement made by Sending Parcels as to probable date of delivery of the Goods by the Carrier is merely a statement of opinion by Sending Parcels and not a representation on behalf of the Carrier. Delivery date estimates are not guaranteed.

14. Sending Parcels will make all reasonable efforts to process and resolve complaints with the Carrier but accepts no responsibility for the Customer's satisfaction. The Carrier will not satisfy any complaints relating to Goods damaged on arrival at their destination without an inspection by the Carrier's local agent of the damaged parcel(s) and packing.

15. Subject to clauses 13 and 14 above, compensation up to a maximum of £50, or (if greater) the declared value of the parcel contents for which compensation cover has been paid, will be payable for loss or damage to a parcel. Evidence of value will be required. Cover excludes any loss or damage due to inadequate packaging or inaccurate or incomplete addressing. Claims for any parcel must be advised within 14 days of despatch using the claim form downloadable from No claim will be considered beyond this time.

16. The Customer must substantiate any claim by providing relevant information about the parcel including proof of cost and value (if different), estimates for repair costs, weight and nature of the item(s) lost or damaged and (in the case of damage) provide photographs of the parcel and any Goods damaged as well as retain the parcel and its packaging for inspection.

17. Sending Parcels may make such investigations as it deems necessary to satisfy itself of the validity of any claim.

18.Sending Parcels shall not be liable (whether for payment of compensation or refunds or otherwise) for failure to perform, or delay in performance of any of its obligations under these Conditions to the extent that such delay or failure results from circumstances outside its control, including without limitation any adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion, mechanical breakdown, obstruction of public or private highway or from any industrial action whatsoever.

19. Sending Parcels shall not be liable in respect of any parcel where any person has been fraudulent or dishonest in any way in respect of that parcel or misrepresents his/her authority to receive a parcel on the consignee's or Customer's behalf.

20. Sending Parcels shall not be liable to pay any refund or compensation in respect of a parcel containing restricted or prohibited Goods (a list of which is available from Sending Parcels upon request), or otherwise despatched in contravention of any relevant provision in these conditions.

21. Sending Parcels shall not be liable to pay any refund or compensation in respect of a parcel which is damaged or delayed as a result of being inadequately packaged, incorrectly addressed or accompanied by incomplete posting or customs documentation.

22. Sending Parcels shall not be liable for any damage arising out of changes in temperature or pressure.

23. Sending Parcels shall not be liable in any circumstances for any claim which relates to seizure or detention of Goods in the course of transit by customs or other government authorities.

24. In relation to electronic items sent by the Customer, Sending Parcels shall not be liable for any mechanical or electrical fault if there is no evidence that the Goods have been physically damaged by the Carrier during transit.

25. Sending Parcels shall not be liable to pay compensation for loss of, or damage to a parcel:
i. containing tickets, (including without limitation airline tickets, tickets for due to latent or inherent defect, vice or natural deterioration of items;
ii. containing Goods covered by specific exclusions;
iii. any mode of transportation, or coupons which are exchangeable for goods or services).

26. The declared value for Enhanced Cover should represent the total actual value of the item covered. Where a lower value of cover is declared and paid for, the maximum settlement in the event of a claim will be the cost of the loss or damage, proportioned down to the extent that the value has been understated.

27. Where a compensation payment is claimed for damage, Sending Parcels may, at its sole discretion, choose to (i) pay the cost of repair and any associated loss of value suffered; or (ii) arrange for repairs to be made at its expense and compensate only for any associated loss of value; or (iii) pay the full value declared for the damaged item, and take title to the item, in which case the Customer will ensure the return of the item to Sending Parcels at Sending Parcels's expense.

28. This agreement supersedes all previous agreements, arrangements and undertakings between the parties and constitutes the whole agreement between the Customer and Sending Parcels.

29. During your order you will be asked to accept our terms and conditions and also the following statement: "I understand and agree to the terms and conditions. I confirm that I have packed the parcel(s) myself and that the contents do not include any Dangerous Goods or Prohibited items. I agree to pay any additional charges raised by Customs in the destination country (duties and taxes) and/or raised by the carrier if: the weight or dimensions of the parcel(s) declared are incorrect; and/or if subject to a carrier ‘out of’ or ‘extended’ area or ‘residential delivery’ surcharge and that these charges will be applied to my payment card."

Privacy Policy

30. At Sending Parcels we want to protect your privacy. When you contact us through our website we may need to use your personal details, for example your name and email address, to deal with your enquiry or order. We use your personal details only to send you the information you have requested from SendingParcels, to complete your delivery request or to receive our email marketing. Your data is only used by us and is not seen by or passed on to third parties for any reason whatsoever. Your continued use of Sending Parcels signifies your agreement to this Privacy Policy. If you do not wish to receive information from Sending Parcels please contact us at and request that your details are removed from our current Customer records.