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Parcel Delivery Help & FAQs

Restrictions – some things we can deliver, but restrictions apply

We can carry these goods for you but with conditions applied.

Alcoholic beverages

We cannot carry alcoholic beverages regardless of % alcohol content.

Arms and Ammunition

We cannot carry arms and ammunition.


These may only be sent in their retail packaging.

Christmas Crackers

These may only be sent in complete made-up form and in their retail packaging.

Counterfeit Currency and Postage Stamps

Prohibited unless they are no longer available for current use and therefore of value only as collectors' items.

Diagnostic Specimens

These must always be sent in packaging that complies with Packing Instructions 650 available from the DTI. The total sample volume/mass in any parcel shall not exceed 50ml/g.

Infectious Substances

We will only accept infectious substances in Risk Groups 1,2 and 3. Samples known or suspected to contain infectious substances in Risk Group 4 are prohibited, as are selected Risk Group 3 pathogens listed in Schedule 9, part 5 of the latest edition of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. All infectious substances must be sent in UN2814 or 2900 packaging as detailed in Packing Instructions 602 available from the CTI. The total sample volume/mass in any parcel shall not exceed 50ml/g.

Living Creatures

Sending will not carry any living creature.

Misleading Endorsements

Parcels must not bear words, marks or designs that are unauthorised, or may reasonably lead the recipient to believe that the packet has been sent On Her Majesty's Service.

Perishable Articles

Sending will not carry any perishable item.

Prescription Drugs

Sent specifically for professional, medical or scientific purposes, these must clearly show the sender's address for prompt return in case of non-delivery. The properties of these drugs must not meet any of the nine UN hazard classes listed within the prohibitions section when classified by the sender. Private individuals can, in emergencies, send prescription quantities provided they include their own address on the inside of the parcel.

Sharp Objects

These items may only be posted if they are packaged appropriately so that they do not represent a risk to employees, other parcels or recipients.

Note: All restricted items and liquids should be packaged in good quality packaging that is of adequate strength for the purpose. They should be constructed and closed so as to prevent any leakage which might be caused under normal conditions of carriage within's delivery network.