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Parcel Delivery Help & FAQs

Collection and drop-off


  • Do you deliver door to door?

    We cancollect from your home or office and deliver it directly to the recipient. However, we also offer the option for you to drop your parcel off at an authorised drop off point which is where the parcel will be collected by the carrier. The parcel will still be delivered directly to the recipient and will not be left at a depot or drop off point at the other end

  • Can you send a parcel from abroad to the UK?

    Unfortunately we can only deliver parcels from the UK. If you want a recommendation of a company who can deliver this service then please contact us or call on 01608 649236.

  • Can I select a time for collection?

    No, we cannot guarantee a time for collection. The couriers we work with require at least a 6 hour time gap to collect. If you want more convenience so that you do not have to wait in for a driver all day then please select a drop off location.

  • What happens if the driver doesn't collect my parcel?

    If you were expecting a collection and the driver has not arrived then please contact us. The driver was probably unable to find your address or has been delayed for some other reason. Your collection will be rescheduled for the next possible day. However, if collection failed because you were out you will need to cancel you collection and rebook with us. This will incur a £5.00 administration charge.

  • Will contact me if my collection failed?

    No, we are a courier broker rather than a collection agent. Collection rarely fails but if it does please contact us and we will do our best to rectify the situation.


  • Can I pay at the drop off location?

    No the drop off locations are separate to You have to book online before dropping your parcel off. Some of our locations also offer parcel delivery but you will not be offered the discounted rates of

  • Where is my nearest drop-off point?

    Take a look at the parcel drop-off point locator to identify your nearest drop-off point. Remember to consider both where you live and work as you may find a choice of locations which suit you at different times.

  • Can I drop off my package at any nominated location?

    You can pick any parcel drop-off point that's convenient to you. Once selected, our systems will notify the team at your chosen drop off location to expect you on the day you have set. This helps us to manage the volumes we handle and also to coordinate the electronic advice to the carrier service you have selected.

  • What do I need to take with me to the drop off location?

    You need to take your fully addressed parcel with labels attached and any commercial/ proforma invoices which need to accompany international packages. You also need to take your confirmation email to be signed as proof of drop off. If you have been told to ask for a FedEx or UPS envelope or Pak then please do not attach the labels to your parcel until it has been placed inside one of these at the drop off location. You will need to be at the drop off location before 3pm to meet carrier collections for that day.