Official Parcelforce Worldwide Service Announcement

Message from Parcelforce Worldwide

We’ve been working around the clock to collect and deliver as many items as possible, including working through evenings and weekends wherever we can. Our drivers have made a tremendous effort to ensure that as many parcels as possible are delivered by Christmas despite the very challenging weather conditions that they have encountered. 

We anticipate that we shall deliver all parcels by Christmas in all but a very small number of areas where they are still inaccessible or we have had heavy snowfalls this week. The worst affected areas are in our Aberdeen and Charlton depots, where we are likely to be a maximum of 2 days behind. The most up to date and detailed information about our UK services in all areas is available here. In addition, the disruption to air services both in the UK and overseas may impact the arrival of parcels originating overseas for delivery in the UK. 

Any parcels that are not delivered by Christmas will be delivered between Christmas and New Year and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

We are pleased that we will be able to accept parcels for delivery into Scotland and have opened up our ad-hoc collections, both from Wednesday 29th December onwards across the whole of the UK. 

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

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